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Essay Contest

There will be two essay competitions this year. One is the Supreme Competition and another is at the Council/Chapter level.

The purpose of the essays is to promote an awareness of responsibility and accountability of the students in their Catholic education. Involvement is quite easy and helps develop a relationship between your Council and the youth of the community. The students and their parents become aware of the Knights and their role and involvement in today’s society.

Start by contacting all the Catholic schools in your area and the Youth ministries in your parishes. They will be more aware of the ideals on which our Order was founded, and they should be willing to participate.

Eligibility: Open to all Catholic students in public, private or parochial schools. Essay Submissions will fall into two groups.

Group A:  Grades 4 thru 7    (Optional for Council and Chapter Levels Only – Does Not Advance to State)

Group B: Grades 8 thru 12  (Qualifies for submission to State and Supreme)


Topics for Group A

4th Grade Topic:

“Ways I share My Time, Talents and Treasures at Home, School, and in My Church Community”

5TH Grade Topic:

“In my life, who have been my Spiritual Role Models and Why?”

6th Grade Topic:

“How do I live Jesus’ Teaching, “To Love Thy Neighbor?”

7th Grade Topic:

“How My Catholic School Education has influenced My Personal Values”


Topic for Group B

“The importance of Religious Freedom”

The Supreme Competition Kit can be ordered thru found on the State website under Resources, Forms, Council Forms. This location also contains the Council/Chapter entry sheets.


Awards are strongly encouraged and recommended at the Council/Chapter levels for Group A. Presenting the awards at a regular school assembly or at a Mass (with the pastor’s permission) enhances our reputation as a Catholic family organization and provides a special recruitment opportunity.

State Council Cash awards for Each Grade Level of Group B (8th through 12th Grade)

1st Place for each Grade Level: $100

2nd Place for each Grade Level: $50

Essay Rules Group A

  1. The essay must be 250-500 words, typed and double-spaced. Hand written essays will be accepted but may result in a lower score if illegible.
  2. All  Council  submissions  must  have   the  new  essay  form  and  include  the signature of the student and the parent(s) or guardian.
  3. The top essay from each grade will be scored by the Council Chairman and submitted to the Chapter Chairman for Group A
  4. Group A will advance only to the Chapter level

Group B

  1. The essay will be 500-700 words, typed and double-spaced.
  2. The top essay from each grade will be scored by the Council Chairman and submitted to the Chapter Chairman for Group B
  3. All Council submissions must have the Supreme essay form attached and include the signature of the student and parent(s) of guardian.
  4. The Chapter will submit the best essay from each grade to the State Chairman. The State Council will advance the top essay in each grade level to Supreme.

Judging Criteria

All essays will be judged on a 100 point system

  1. Overall impression:Up to 20 points
  2. Content:Clear and logical presentation of themeUp to 30 points
  3. Grammar: Organization, sentence construction,punctuation and correct spellingUp to 20 points
  4. Style:  Creativity and imagination in the development of the topic and use of proper vocabularyUp to 30 points.


July/AugustOrder Kits

October 15, 2014 Council

Jan. 31, 2015 District level judging for Group A and B

Feb. 28, 2015 Chapter level judging for Group A and B

March 31, 2015 State level judging. Winners to Supreme by April 15

Claire Tryon:  925-673-564;

Program Chairman

  • Name:Greg Villard
  • Phone 1:619-442-6416
  • Phone 2:619-341-9295