Chapter Extended Membership Drive Challenge


  • Goal:  one or more extended membership drives in each Chapter per month
  • Chapter Officers are asked to contact DDs to promote extended membership drives
  • Extended membership drives last 4 or more weeks in a row and includes:

o   Pulpit Announcements (preferred but not required)

o   Parish Bulletin Announcements

o   Recruitment booth(s) every weekend

  • Pop Up Canopy with recruitment posters hanging or displayed
  • Table with assorted recruitment flyers (English, Spanish, & other?)
    • Attach address labels with Recruiter’s name, phone, & email to all flyers
    • 24 Hours Can Change Your Life (form #10099)
    • Why You Should Become A Knight (form #10100)
    • Faith (#4497), Family (#4252), Service (#4253), Benefits (#2773 or 1267), etc.
  • Prospect Contact Card (Form 921a <space for 1 contact> or #921 <has space for 3 contacts>)
  • Prayer cards – offer as they enter church as a gift from the Knights of Columbus
  • Form 100s
  • Flyer with schedule of upcoming Information Sessions & 1st Degrees
  • Pens
  • Clip boards
  • Old Columbia Magazines
  • Master list of contacts (update between Masses)
  • Staffing – Booth(s) must be staffed after each Mass for the entire extended drive

o   Schedule to assure coverage

o   Ask EVERY Brother (and their families) to cover after the Mass they attend

  • Follow Up

o   Call contacts within 48 hours

o   Offer buy modafinil online in canada rides to the Information Session and or 1st Degree

o   Reminder call night before Info Session/Degree

  • Information Sessions & 1st Degree Ceremonies

o   Must schedule Information Sessions and 1st Degree Ceremonies each week during the extended drive

o   Vary time & day of week up (e.g., Mon. Night, Sat. afternoon, Sunday afternoon, etc.)

o   Bring families to Information Sessions (Brother, Knights’ Ladies, kids) to help share

o   Info Session can be combined with 1st Degree

  • 45 minutes Information Session
  • 10 to 15 minute break
  • Begin 1st Degree
  • Team should acknowledge:
    • New Brothers (& ask them to tell why they joined the Knights)
    • Degree Team
    • Dignitaries (Supreme representatives, State representatives, etc.)
    • Current Grand Knights
    • For small crowds – introduce all others present.
  • Review Shining Armor Award requirements
  • Fraternal Benefits intro (by Field Agent or Brother positive towards insurance)
  • Announce upcoming 2nd & 3rd Degrees in the area
  • Retention (Drop Prevention)

o   Assign a mentor to:

  • Bring new Brother to 2nd & 3rd Degree
  • Call Brother at least monthly
  • Invite Brother to Council meetings
  • Remind Brother of Council activities and events

o   Stress importance of paying dues yearly

o   Give new Brother a task related to his interests (get him involved)

o   Verify that new Brothers are added to communications lists

  • Phone Tree
  • Email list