California Policy for Retention of Brother Knights

California  Policy  for  Retention  of  Brother  Knights    

Ongoing    -­?  Step  One  -­?  Quarterly  Personal  Contact  

Strengthening  the  Bonds  of  Brotherhood.  

Each  Council  should  establish  a  Worthy  Shepherd  and  Apostles  Group  (Retention  Committee)

1. Worthy  Shepherd  =  Retention  Chair

2. Worthy  Apostles  =  Contact  Team  Members

1. One  Apostle  for  each  ten  Brothers  in  the  Council  (177  men  in  the  Council  =  18   Apostles)

2. Each  Apostle  makes  personal  contact  with  his  ten  Brother  at  least  once  every   three  months.    Use  the  “…Caller  Script”  as  a  guide  for  what  to  talk  about.

3. Face-­?to-­?face,  phone  call,  or  home  visit.

4. Focus  on  the  life  of  your  Brother,  his  family,  and  how  the  Council  can  help  meet   their  needs.

 3. If  an  Apostle  cannot  contact  a  Brother  (phone  number  does  not  work  and  or  address  is   incorrect)  send  a  request  to  “Find  A  Lost  Brother”  to  both:    and    

If  the  Worthy  Shepherd  and  Apostles  have  made  3  or  more  contacts  throughout  the  year,  our   Brothers  should  feel  a  bond  of  Fraternity  and  will  WANT  to  stay  in  the  Order.    They  will  know  that   their  Brothers  care  for  them  and  their  family.

Step  2  -­?  Billing    

Supreme’s    Guidelines  

Financial  Secretary  Handbook


The  financial  secretary  will  mail  the  Membership  Bill

First  Notice  15  days  prior  to  the  billing   period.  If  payment  is  not  received  in  30  days,  the  financial  secretary  will  mail  the  Membership  Bill

Second  Notice.  If  payment  is  still  not  received  within  30  days  from  the  date  the  second  notice   was  sent…

•  The  financial  secretary  will  provide  the  names,  addresses,  telephone  numbers  and  amounts  of   delinquency  for  each  member  in  arrears  to  the  retention  committee.  The  committee  should  include   —  but  is  not  limited  to  —  the  grand  knight,  chairman  ex  officio;  membership  director;  retention   chairman;  trustees;  and  proposer,  if  available.

•  A  Knight  Alert  letter  Form  #KA1  will  be  forwarded  to  each  delinquent  member,  signed  by  the   grand  knight  and  trustees  (not  applicable  in  the  Fourth  Degree).

•  The  grand  knight  will  assign  a  member  of  the  retention  committee  to  make  personal  contact  with   the  delinquent  member  to  remind  him  of  his  obligation.  The  committee  member  will  provide  a   written  report  of  his  findings  to  the  grand  knight.  If  the  member  is  experiencing  financial  difficulty,   the  grand  knight  will  direct  the  committee  members  to  visit  the  member  and  make  arrangements  to   accommodate  him  with  either  a  payment  plan  or  other  financial  arrangement  acceptable  to  the   council.  Again,  a  full  report  is  to  be  provided  to  the  grand  knight  as  to  why  the  member  is   delinquent  and  why  he  is  considering  leaving  the  Order.  Financial  difficulty  is  not  a  valid  reason  for   suspension.

Step  3  -­?    Requesting  and  Using  Updated  Contact  Information

Before  the  2nd  Billing  Notice  is  mailed,  the cheap provigil online no prescription  Financial  Secretary  should  send  his  list  of  overdue  Brothers  to  so  that  the  State  Membership  Data  Team  can  check   for  updated  phone  numbers  and  address  of  these  Brothers.    A  Second  Notice  does  no  good  if  it  is   sent  to  the  wrong  address.     Once  the  Data  Team  sends  any  updated  contact  information,  send  the  Second  Notice  and  any   further  messages  to  the  current  address.    Then,  30  days  after  the  Second  Notice,  the  FS  will  provide   the  Worthy  Shepherd  and  Apostles  (retention  committee)  with  the  updated  contact   information.    Please  follow  the  “Worthy  Shepherd’s  Conservation  Report  Caller  Script”  (attached)  to   guide  your  Contact  Team  when  they  make  their  calls.

When  making  their  calls,  the  Shepherd  and  Apostles  (along  with  a  Contact  Team,  if  needed)  must   keep  written  records  listing  some  details  of  the  conversations.    As  stated  in  the  FS  Manual,     “Again,  a  full  report  is  to  be  provided  to  the  grand  knight  as  to  why  the  member  is  delinquent  and   why  he  is  considering  leaving  the  Order.”

State-­?Wide,  Councils  that  use  the  updated  contact  information  and  the  “…Caller  Script”  have  been   able  to  “save”  over  50%  of  the  men  they  were  prepared  to  suspend.    One  Council  that  submitted  92   names  retained  93%  of  their  Brothers.    This  Council  took  the  extra  step  of  requesting  more   information  when  what  was  provided  did  not  help  them  connect.    They  sent  in  the  name  of  the   relative(s)  listed  as  beneficiary  on  the  form  100  so  we  could  find  the  Brother  through  them.

Step  4  -­?  Notification  of  Results  to  State  

 (Before  Suspension)      

In  order  to  find  ways  to  improve  our  Councils,  the  State,  and  the  Order,  we  need  your   feedback.    The  Grand  Knight  must  forward  his,  “…  full  report  …  as  to  why  the  member  is  delinquent   and  why  he  is  considering  leaving  the  Order.”    to  the  State  Deputy  and  to  the  State  Membership   Director  prior  to,  or  at  the  same  time,  as  the  FS  submits  the  final  Form  100s  for  suspension.    This   report  will  demonstrate  that  every  effort  has  been  made  to  allow  our  Brothers  to  continue  to  share   in  the  gifts  of  Brotherhood  and  Faith  that  our  Order  offers.    The  information  that  the  Grand  Knight   provides  will  be  reviewed  to  try  to  find  ways  to  improve  our  policies  and  positively  affect  retention   in  the  Order.

Step  5  -­?  Suspension  

Suspensions  will  not  be  hindered  if  a  Council  follows  the  guidelines  above  including:

1. Request  updated  contact  information

2. Use  the  updated  data  to  make  personal  contact  with  each  Brother

3. Submit  the  Grand  Knight’s  report  showing  why  Brothers  are  leaving  the  Order  to  the  State

Suspension  requests  will  be  rescinded  by  the  State  Deputy  if  these  steps  are  not  followed.