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2                 Membership Hierarchy

2 – 4          Membership Director’s Message

Worthy Fishers of Men Section

5 – 8          Membership Recruitment

9 – 10         Chapter Extended Membership Drive Challenge

11 – 15     New Council Development (NCD)

16              Partial Menu of Services…

17 – 20     Round Tables

20 – 21     Supreme Website Referrals

22              College Councils

23              Ethnic Membership Development

24 – 25     Shining Armor Awards

26              Shining Armor Awards Qualification Form

27 – 30     State Insurance Program

Worthy Shepherds Section

31 – 36      Membership Retention

37 – 38     Worthy Shepherds & Apostles … Caller Script

39 – 40     Council Retention

41 – 42     Council Reactivation

43              Finding “Lost Brothers”



Membership Hierarchy

Membership Director’s Message  

2014 – 2015      Michael Brault

Our Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, has expressed his desire that every practicing Catholic man be offered membership in the Knights of Columbus.  Membership in our Order is a gift; we must find ways to share that “Experience of a Lifetime” with all of the Catholic men whom we encounter.

So our long-term goal is to offer membership to every practical Catholic man in California.  In order to make progress toward this lofty goal, we have set the following:

State Membership Goals

2013-2014                 2014-2015

Membership Intake         4,250                         4,400

Membership Net              2,975                        3,100

New Councils                   12                              16

Council Reactivations     15                              16

Round Tables                  175                            250

Star Councils                    80                              145

The only way that our State can attain the goals above is for Councils, Districts, and Chapters to know their own goals, create a plan to achieve those goals, and work to meet the goals.  So the challenge is for each and every Membership Director (Worthy Fisher of Men), every Grand Knight, every District Deputy, and every Chapter President to know your goal, make a plan to attain it, and work your plan!

To assist Councils, Districts, Chapters, and the State to increase membership, all California Knights of Columbus leaders are asked to expand the “Power of One” to include:

“One New Member, Per Council, Per Month”

“One Extended Membership Drive, Per Chapter, Per Month”

“One Extended Membership Drive, Per District, Per Year”

“One New Council, Per Chapter, Per Year”

“One Round Table, Per District, Per Year”

“One New College Council or New College Round Table, Per Chapter, Per Year”

“One Ethnic Membership Drive, Per Chapter, Per Year”

“One Shining Armor, Per Council, Per Year”

“One Shining generic provigil uninted states Armorer Award, Per Chapter, Per Year”

“One Worthy Shepherd Award, Per Chapter, Per Year”

“One Council Reactivation, Per Chapter, Per Year”

To help Councils, Districts, and Chapters to meet those assorted “Powers of One,” there will be two main areas of focus for membership Statewide this year.  The “Fishers of Men” (Membership Recruiters) will work to get Catholic men into the Order and the “Worthy Shepherds and Apostles” (Retention Committee) will strive to keep them in the Council.

You will note that we intend to follow the example of Christ, the original Fisher of Men and our Good Shepherd.  He offered the gift of eternal life to all men and told His Apostles to become Fishers of Men.  Christ used the parable of the Good Shepherd to explain the importance of keeping each and every one of His sheep safe in the flock.  We as Knights must do likewise!  We must go out and be Fishers of Men by offering the gift of Membership to all Catholic men.  Then, once they are in the Order, we must be willing to be the Worthy Shepherds and go out of our way (to go to where they are) to keep them in our “Flock.”

New ideas for the Fishers of Men

  • Extended Membership Drive – See Membership Recruitment Section
  • Chapter Extended Membership Drive Challenge – See Membership Recruitment Section
  • Chapter/Area Recruitment Teams – See Membership Recruitment Section
  • Family Membership Recruitment – See Membership Recruitment Section
  • Knights of Columbus Visibility in the Parish – See Membership Recruitment Section
  • Celebrate Shining Armor Awards – See Shining Armor Award Section
  • Shining “Armorer” Award – See Shining Armor Award Section

New Ideas for the Worthy Shepherds and Apostles

  • Worthy Shepherds and Apostles (Retention Team) – See Membership Retention Section
  • Worthy Shepherd Award (Plaque to Worthy Shepherd & Certificates to each Apostle) – See Membership Retention Section
  • Worthy Shepherd Incentive – See Membership Retention Section

Our Membership catch phrases will be:

One New Member, Per Council, Per Month


Get Him In / Keep Him In!



Yours in Service,

Michael Brault

State Membership Director

1213 Nolan Ave.

Chula Vista, CA 91911-3723

619-548-3190 (cell)    or


Membership Recruitment

2014 – 2015      Mario Santiago

The great challenge and urgent call for continued expansion of the Order lies ahead of us. Membership recruitment, as we all know, is the basis for growth and the lifeblood of the Order. We must take ownership of the growth of our brotherhood and lead by example with strong conviction and unparalleled commitment in making membership recruitment paramount and our top priority as a member. Let us move forward in unison; increasing one member at a time along throughout the year, to move our Councils, Districts, Chapters, and State towards our goals.

We, the Knights of Columbus, are known as the “Right Arm of the Church” in Support of our Bishops and Priests.  We “Change Lives and Save Lives.” Our faith-filled activities are all related to the overall goal of Living our Faith and Evangelizing; our deeds and our actions are the cornerstone to membership recruitment.

Based on the goal set by the Supreme Council, our membership goal thisyear is 4,400. As each Council, District, and Chapter sets its goals, let’s all remember the Power of One, it’s more than just a slogan, we must take action and we recite it throughout the year.






2014-15 Membership Strategies
Fishers of Men

  • Extended Membership Challenge

o   Each Council considers an Extended Membership Drive
(full month or more)

o   Place Council Drive on Chapter Calendar

o   Chapter finds Councils to cover each of the months of the year

o   Chapter supports Council with Chapter/Area Recruitment Team

  • Two Regular Membership Blitz Weekends

o   Columbus Day Membership Drive – October 11 -12, 2014

o   Founders’ Day Membership Drive – March 28 – 29, 2015 (Palm Sunday)

  • Chapter (Area) Recruitment Team

o   Get the motivated and best recruiters on the Team

o   Some Chapters may form multiple Area Teams

o   Teams recruit for special projects

o   District Deputy may form a District Team

  • Family Membership Recruitment

o   Brother Knight, his wife, and his kids recruit

o   Brother talks to prospect

o   Wife talks to ladies

o   Kids talk to kids

o   Each tells how the Knights improve their lives

  • Membership Recruitment Visibility

o   Set up pop-up canopy with table at church exits

o   Hang recruitment posters on the canopy

o   Offer prayer cards a gift from the Knights as people enter

o   Recruit as people leave

o   “Join Us” poster with list of current Knights

  • List Priests and Deacons first and highlight them
  • Leave blank lines for those who sign Form 100s


Recruitment is simply everyone’s responsibility; it can happen at anytime, anyplace. Like any other program, it follows a plan. The council is the catalyst of the membership recruitment effort, and to be effective, needs to work around a structure and a team toward a common goal. Over the years, recruitment has proven to be most successful when conducted in an organized fashion.

This year, we will plan on conducting Membership Blitzes on two fixed dates:

Columbus Day – OCTOBER 11 & 12, 2014

Founders’ Day – MARCH 28 & 29, 2015      (Palm Sunday)

In addition to the two (2) fixed Membership Blitzes, all councils are encouraged to conduct a third membership recruitment activity on a date of their own choosing.

It is suggested it coincide with another council activity or important event (e.g. a fundraiser, council anniversary, wheelchair Sunday or Parish ministry fair, for instance).

Councils should extend one or more of these Membership Blitzes into an Extended Membership Campaign.  Holding a 4 to 6 week, Extended Membership Campaign gives constant visibility to the Knights of Columbus.  It allows your recruiters to show the men of a parish that the Knights are there to stay.  Recruiting outside of each Mass for a month or more can build a rapport with those who are not yet Knights.  (Please see the “Chapter Extended Membership Campaign” directions page below.)

The State Council would like to be informed of those councils conducting membership drives and assist those who may encounter difficulties. This year your Council, District, Chapter, and the State must be aggressive in pursuing Blitz participation as a means of promoting council programs and membership growth. Councils that decide to conduct their membership Blitz on dates different from those specified should notify me in writing, by mail or email with a copy to their District Deputy.

At the conclusion of each Membership Blitz, the council should report:

  • # of prospects
  • # of reapplications
  • # of Form 100s


Immediately after the Membership Blitz or other recruitment activity, the council should conduct an Informational Meeting and Admission Interview at the earliest opportunity, and assure the candidates take their First Degree exemplification. The District Deputy or the Grand Knight should explain the Shining Armor Award (covered elsewhere in this section) at each First Degree exemplification.

Here are few Tips in Conducting a Successful Church Drive

  1. Order recruitment materials from the Supreme (allow four to five weeks for delivery).
  2. Get Pastor’s permission to have pulpit announcements.
  3. Advertise in council and parish bulletins and other media outlets.
  4. Mobilize all members of your council and have a significant presence of the Knights of Columbus at your membership recruitment venues
  5. Set up informational tables at every door of the church. Have plenty of prospect cards and pencils on hand to distribute to each man as he enters the church.
  6. Invite every Catholic man to join the Knights of Columbus.
  7. Schedule in advance an Information Night after each recruitment weekend.
  8. Schedule a 1st Degree Ceremony within two weeks of your recruitment weekend.  (You may work with other local Councils to offer more 1st Degrees.)
  9. Print a flyer with the dates, times, and locations of the Information Nights and 1st Degrees scheduled.


To facilitate our Brother Knight’s journey to full Knighthood, formation of more degree exemplification teams is encouraged. Each council should have a First Degree team, each district should have Second Degree team and each Chapter should have a Third Degree team. If for any reason a council or district cannot form its own team, a council can form a joint First Degree team with a neighboring council. Likewise, a district could consider forming a joint Second Degree team with a neighboring district. In addition, we encourage the degree teams to schedule as many exemplifications as possible. Ideally, each 1st Degree Team would conduct an exemplification once a month (not necessarily on the council meeting night, but a date convenient for the candidates). Each 2nd Degree Team would hold a 2nd Degree exemplification once every two months.  Each Chapter would schedule a 3rd Degree exemplification (through the District Deputies) at least once every three months.

Top performing Councils, Districts, and Chapters will be recognized for their efforts. Awards and incentives ought not to be the sole purpose of increasing our membership. They are a testimonial to the hard work, dedication, effort, and achievement of the Council, District, and Chapter. However, true gratification always comes from within – in doing God’s work and spreading the Good News of the Lord.

2014-15 Membership Recruitment Incentives

Council Membership Team Incentive

  • Monthly – Highest Net % of Council Membership Goal for that Month
  • 1st Place = $100                     2nd Place = $50          3rd Place = $25


Monthly Membership Recruitment Incentives

  • 10 – Top Recruiters each month

o   Knights of Columbus “Winner” Polo Shirt   OR

    • Prize Selected from the catalogue
  • Each member who recruits 2 or more in a month, entered in the monthly Incentive Drawing (two Recruiters per month will win)

o   K of C “Winner” Polo shirt   OR

    • Prize Selected from the catalogue


Quarterly – Top Recruiter Prizes

  • 1st Place = $100 Recruited most new members
  • 2nd Place = $50
  • 3rd Place = $25


Quarterly Team Recruiting Contest

  • Teams that submit:

o   List of all new recruitment contacts (with phone &/or email) from that quarter – 1 point each.

o   List of form 100’s signed – 2 points each

o   List of new 1st Degree members from that quarter – 5 points each

o   % of Chapter Membership Goal for the Quarter – 1 point for each % attained

  • Team with the most points for that quarter = winning team
  • Top two winning teams per quarter are awarded a K of C Canopy

o   Any given team may be awarded this prize twice during the year.


Supreme Membership Incentives – To Be Announced!


Thank you for accepting a leadership role in membership recruitment. With no doubt, your responsibility will be challenging, worthwhile and ultimately rewarding.


Mario Santiago?

State Recruitment Chairman

12212 Hillsdale Ave.,

Sylmar, CA 91342

Phone/Fax (818) 362-8144






Chapter Extended Membership Drive Challenge

  • Goal:  one or more extended membership drives in each Chapter per month
  • Chapter Officers are asked to contact DDs to promote extended membership drives
  • Extended membership drives last 4 or more weeks in a row and includes:

o   Pulpit Announcements (preferred but not required)

o   Parish Bulletin Announcements

o   Recruitment booth(s) every weekend

  • Pop Up Canopy with recruitment posters hanging or displayed
  • Table with assorted recruitment flyers (English, Spanish, & other?)
    • Attach address labels with Recruiter’s name, phone, & email to all flyers
    • 24 Hours Can Change Your Life (form #10099)
    • Why You Should Become A Knight (form #10100)
    • Faith (#4497), Family (#4252), Service (#4253), Benefits (#2773 or 1267), etc.
  • Prospect Contact Card (Form 921a <space for 1 contact> or #921 <has space for 3 contacts>)
  • Prayer cards – offer as they enter church as a gift from the Knights of Columbus
  • Form 100s
  • Flyer with schedule of upcoming Information Sessions & 1st Degrees
  • Pens
  • Clip boards
  • Old Columbia Magazines
  • Master list of contacts (update between Masses)
  • Staffing – Booth(s) must be staffed after each Mass for the entire extended drive

o   Schedule to assure coverage

o   Ask EVERY Brother (and their families) to cover after the Mass they attend

  • Follow Up

o   Call contacts within 48 hours

o   Offer rides to the Information Session and or 1st Degree

o   Reminder call night before Info Session/Degree

  • Information Sessions & 1st Degree Ceremonies

o   Must schedule Information Sessions and 1st Degree Ceremonies each week during the extended drive

o   Vary time & day of week up (e.g., Mon. Night, Sat. afternoon, Sunday afternoon, etc.)

o   Bring families to Information Sessions (Brother, Knights’ Ladies, kids) to help share

o   Info Session can be combined with 1st Degree

  • 45 minutes Information Session
  • 10 to 15 minute break
  • Begin 1st Degree
  • Team should acknowledge:
    • New Brothers (& ask them to tell why they joined the Knights)
    • Degree Team
    • Dignitaries (Supreme representatives, State representatives, etc.)
    • Current Grand Knights
    • For small crowds – introduce all others present.
  • Review Shining Armor Award requirements
  • Fraternal Benefits intro (by Field Agent or Brother positive towards insurance)
  • Announce upcoming 2nd & 3rd Degrees in the area
  • Retention (Drop Prevention)

o   Assign a mentor to:

  • Bring new Brother to 2nd & 3rd Degree
  • Call Brother at least monthly
  • Invite Brother to Council meetings
  • Remind Brother of Council activities and events

o   Stress importance of paying dues yearly

o   Give new Brother a task related to his interests (get him involved)

o   Verify that new Brothers are added to communications lists

  • Phone Tree
  • Email list





New Council Development (NCD)

2014 – 2015        Hugh Largey

My Brothers,

During CY 2012-13, we were introduced to the challenge of “One Member, Per Council, Per Month”. By following this plan, many Councils have seen their membership numbers grow exponentially. An additional “One Per” Initiative that followed in the past year establishes our strength of unity with our Priests/Pastors: “One Parish – One Council” all for the love of His people.

Since many Parishes in California still SHARE a Council with other parishes, we are motivated this year to identify Pastors whom we know would be best served by having a Knights Council dedicated to EXCLUSIVELY helping that Pastor’s own individual Parish to flourish.

Last year our State Deputy directed us through our State Membership Committee to:

  • Have each Chapter in cooperation with all District Deputies in California map out the parishes in your Chapter that have a presence of the Knights of Columbus.
  • Maps have been created for each of the Dioceses in California (see links below):

o   Parish based Councils – Green.

o   Parishes covered by Round Tables – Blue.

o   Parishes with suspended or inactive Councils – Red.

o   Unassisted parishes, missions, universities, Newman Centers, and EasternRite churches that have not had a previous Round Table (Yellow).

The Challenge: “One Parish – One Council”

Use last year’s guidelines and foster growth:

Each DD have a Target Parish to establish a new Council by Aug 29th

  1. DDs should use the maps for their Diocese to select NCD targets:
    1. Councils that share multiple Parishes
    2. Mission Churches
    3. Round Tables
    4. Unassisted worship locations within or adjacent to their Districts
  2. Work with Field Agents to define targets
    1. Target Parishes
    2. Target Dates
  3. Meet with Pastors – discover how Knights can serve specific Parish needs
    Please use the Checklist (listed below) entitled:
    Partial Menu of Services Knights Councils Can Do for Pastors & Their Parishes

    1. (Most Pastors never turn down help)
    2. Seek permission to set up opportunities to speak at the Masses
  4. Set the Dates with the Pastor for
    1. Pulpit Talks
    2. Information Dates
    3. 1st Degree Dates (2nd & 3rd)
    5. Installation Date

Following these steps, each Parish can have its own Council in 8 Weeks! Supreme has temporarily lowered minimum member threshold to only 20 to Charter. Council then agrees to recruit 10 or more ASAP within the year.  For more in

To Establish a New Council: Click on this link to view the Supreme website page for New Council Development.

You may download and print “New Council Development Guidelines.”

Contact your Chapter President, New Council Development Chair, your DD, your Field Agent, and CA State NCD Chairman Hugh Largey at (619) 987-6677

  1. DD and Field Agent are to hold a follow up meeting with the Pastor who requests a new Council. Their action plan needs to include:
    1. Publicity–Announcements, flyers, and posters encouraging Catholic men to inquire about joining the Knights of Columbus.
    2. Membership Recruitment Drive EVERY weekend ‘til Council is formed.

i.      Ask Neighboring Councils for Assistance

ii.      Use Assembly Sir Knights to be present at table in full Regalia

iii.      Schedule around or partner with “existing” parish events, to become more involved with and a part of the parish.

    1. Information nights each week until the Council is formed.
    2. Print a schedule of 1st Degree Exemplifications to be held locally every week during the membership recruitment drive.  Ask established 1st Degree Teams to bring their team to the NCD site for exemplifications.
    3. Create a visual to show progress towards Council formation and update it weekly. You could use a vertical thermometer graph that shows the names of the Knights who have joined thus far. Make the goal 20 with it bursting out at 30 to 40 new members making your thermometer with that many lines.
  1. Once your Action Plan has been formed – send online Form #133 “Intent to Establish a New Council”  at: – Select Form 133
  2. Provide weekly or monthly updates to your:
    1. State Membership and NCD Chairman
    2. Chapter New Council Development Chair
    3. Chapter
    4. Local Councils
  3. Remember: once started, keep going every week. Continue to ask for help from your Chapter and local Councils. Let them know your progress.


This is one of the keys to success in any endeavor, especially in New Council Development. We ask each Chapter to assign one or more energetic and responsible Knights to work together on New Councils. With the DDs and Field Agents, they will work to contact the Pastors of all unassisted Parishes to determine how the Knights may best serve the parish – either via a New Council or a Round Table.

They should also communicate with the Chapter Round Table Coordinator to decide if any current Round Tables could and should be advanced to New Council status. Be sure that you send me your Chapter NCD Chair’s contact information by July 1, 2014 (or as soon as your Chapter makes its appointments). What we need is the following

  • Name of New Council Development Chair
  • Address
  • Phone (s)
  • Must have his own email address (or less desirably) a friend’s

Send to attention: and also to

Remember: the Knights were started in 1882 when one Pastor of a Church needed assistance and called the men of his parish together. That began the core of what we are today: men helping Pastors serve for the glory of God’s Holy Name, in Charity, Unity, Fraternalism, and Patriotism. “In service to one – in service to all”

Keep in mind that establishing New Councils is not only a way to increase your Council, District, and Chapter membership, it is also evangelization since it increases membership in our Parishes. Consider organizing recruitment drives in parishes and ethnic communities that have not been approached or fully tapped. A new Council could make your membership quota for the year quite quickly! Just think about all those Pastors who deserve their OWN Council.

Thank You!


Hugh Largey

New Council Development Chairman

4119 Lark St.

San Diego, CA  92103

(619) 987-6677


NOTE: To Help Find Catholic Churches – check with your local Diocesan Center for a Diocesan Directory or visit their Web Site. You may also use the link to your Diocese’s map listed below.


Fresno –

Los Angeles –

Monterey –

Oakland –

Orange –

Sacramento –

San Bernadino –

San Diego –

San Francisco –

San Jose –

Santa Rosa –

Stockton –





Partial Menu of Services Knights Councils Can Do for Pastors & Their Parishes


? Stand strongly in support of Pastors & Bishops fostering Catholic Family Values


?  Support  Vocations.


?  Assist or initiate in Parish Social, Charitable, Spiritual & Community Events

?  Organize Family Game Nights, Movie/Video Nights

?  Set up/ conduct Parish or Youth Talent Contests

?  Organize/Assist Parish Family/Youth Camp Outs


?  Assist in recruiting for establishing Columbian Squires young boys group, Scouts


?  Assist/ Administer/ Distribute Food for Families


?  Volunteer for Parish Ministries such as  Music, Hospitality, Readers, Ushers, Eucharistic Ministers, etc.


?  Set up & take down tables & chairs for various Parish Ministries, Dinners, Bazaars, Festivals, Fiestas, Etc.

?  Organize or help for hands-on Church Clean up or Renovation Projects


?  Volunteer Leadership for Pastor’s Pet Projects

?  Help with and Lead Parish Fundraisers & Capital Campaigns


?  Volunteer and support Parish Religious Education programs

?  Organize and stimulate Parishioner participation in Parish Prayer such as Holy Hours


?  Initiate and put on Parish Breakfasts, Dinners


?  Lead in Parking lot Ministry

?  Volunteer for Parish Council positions.


?  Help Minister to Parish Seniors, Sick & Housebound Parishioners

?  Organize and run Parish Blood Drives

?  Conduct American Wheelchair Mission Sundays


?  Organize support for local PRCs (Pregnancy Resource Centers)

?  Support and participate in San Diego Walks for Life, Pro-Life Fundraising & Ultrasounds Fundraising


?  Support for local Veterans’ Centers and Veterans’ Hospitals


?  Publicity for the Parish in local media;  newspapers, radio, TV

?  Organize and run Drive to Help People with ID (Intellectual Disabilities)

?  Help with Special Olympics.

?  Set up and maintain Parish & Council Website & Social Media


?  Sir Knights Color Corps as Honor Guard for visits from the Bishop and special Parish Events


?  Color Corps Honor Guards at Rosaries and Funerals for deceased Knights and family members

?  Knights’ family participation in local parades

?  Conduct  Membership Drives for Knights and assist other Parish groups

?  Support for Parish School

?  Winter Coats for Kids Program

Round Tables

2014 – 2015       Bradley Roxas

As is well known by every Knight, Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney formed the first Council of the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, Connecticut. There is an unwritten story that shortly after starting the first Council of the Knights of Columbus he was transferred to another parish where he started another council. Every time that he was transferred he started another Council.

Father McGivney wanted to make sure that the Knights had a representation in every parish. This is now our task to bring Father McGivney’s dream to reality. As a state, we are blessed with an abundance of Parishes and Mission Churches, many of which have no representation from our hallowed Order. Father McGivney wanted his Knights to help Catholic men remain steadfast in their faith through mutual encouragement. This can only be accomplished if we have a presence in every parish.

How can this be done? One way is to have a council in every Parish. Another way is to have a “Round Table” to service those Parishes that cannot support a Council of their own. If for some reason a council cannot be supported at a Parish then, a nearby council should contact the parish pastor and offer their services to his parish and his people.

The Council when meeting with the Pastor should explain that they are there to help him and his parish. Ask the pastor to review the “Partial Menu of Services…” list and discuss which activities he would like to see at his parish.  The Grand should appoint one Knight to serve as a Round Table Coordinator the parish. Once a Round Table has been formed, ensure that the Report of Round Table Coordinator Form #2629 is filed with the Supreme office immediately.  Form #2629 can be found at in either an online version or a print and mail version.  If you use the online version it is filed immediately with Supreme and a copy is sent to the State Deputy and your District Deputy if you enter their email addresses.  If you print a copy to mail, send a copy to both:

Supreme Council

Department of Membership and Ceremonials

1 Columbus Plaza

New Haven, CT  06510


Knights of Columbus

California State Deputy

15808 Arrow Blvd., Suite A

Fontana, CA  92335-1253


Please note: All councils must file Form #2629 every year.  Councils that have filed for Round Tables in the past have until December 31st to file the RT #2629 or potentially lose the right to hold membership drives in that Parish if another Council files the proper paper work.  To help you to find any additional, local parishes or missions where your Council could form a Round Table, use one of the links below to check your Diocese’s map.  The yellow pins represent unassisted parishes or missions.  The red pins are parishes of suspended Councils; please consider assisting them with a Reactivation or a Round Table. (Using Google Chrome as your Internet browser works best for these maps):

Fresno –

Los Angeles –

Monterey –

Oakland –

Orange –

Sacramento –

San Bernadino

San Diego –

San Francisco –

San Jose –

Santa Rosa –

Stockton –

A council that holds its business meeting in one Parish and covers many others should have one parishioner who is a Knight appointed for each parish with a Round Table. Churches that hold Mass in languages other than English (Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Polish, etc.) should have a Round Table Coordinator for every worship community or language in which Mass is held. DO NOT form a Round Table for your base parish unless you are creating the Round Table(s) for other language groups. You should be organizing recruitment drives in parishes and ethnic communities that have not been fully tapped. After Parish Round Tables are formed, membership recruitment may eventually lead to a new Council.

If Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney’s dream is to become a reality then, the emphasis should be on the Chapter and District leadership to carry out the plan in their respective Chapters and District. Between the councils and the District Deputies, the State can do its part in making Father McGivney’s dream come true.

Therefore, every Knight in the State of California should do his part and help make sure that every parish has a Knights of Columbus presence in one way or another. Let us make sure that every pastor and every Catholic man knows that we are there to help him strengthen his faith.

You may wish to order or download and print Form # 2632, Parish Round Table Guidelines (download by clicking the link below)

If you need materials, please call the State Office at (909) 434-0460. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email.


Bradley M. Roxas

Round Tables Chairman

P. O. Box 892?

Daly City, CA 94015

(415) 517-9518


Below is an example of a completed Form #2629.

In the upper section, list the base (home) parish and its main language.

If there are Masses in one or more other languages at your base parish, form a Round Table for each language used.  On the Parish line, list your base parish and note the language group that the Round Table is supporting.  You may have multiple Round Tables for each parish but again, DO NOT form a Round Table for the main language of your base parish.

You may use the same form for up to 12 parishes or language groups.  Only list one coordinator for each parish or language group.



Supreme Membership Referrals

2014 – 2015            Gil Eliares

If you are not already aware of it, there is an area on the Supreme web site ( where Catholic men interested in joining the Knights of Columbus canrequest information on becoming a member. A tab labeled “Become A Knight” brings the prospect to a page they where he can list his contact information so he be reached. These referrals are one of the easiest ways to recruit a new knight into the Order.

When the prospective member completes the New Member Inquiry Form on the Supreme web site, an email is automatically generated and sent to the State Deputy and State Membership Director in the state where the prospect resides. Normally, an email is then forwarded to the appropriate Chapter Membership Coordinator for action. The Coordinator then establishes contact with the prospect and discusses the best council for him to join. Many factors go into this determination including his city of residence or work, the Parish attended, and language preferred.

Having determined the best Council for membership, the Coordinator forwards the contact’s information to the proper Grand Knight and Financial Secretary with copies to the District Deputy. Typically, the Grand Knight or Financial Secretary should get the Field Agent involved after the prospect has completed his 1st degree initiation. Remember that Recruitment is our job to perform and the Field Agent’s job begins after we have brought in the new Knight.

Always follow the prospect’s wishes for contact before resorting to the alternative form of contact. Do not go against his wishes lest you raise his ire at the start the process. The prospect is usually excited about the prospect of membership; that is why immediate contact should be established as much as possible. Near the end of one week is when you should resort to the next way of contact. Either way, do your best to contact the prospect within one week. It is important to act on the referral on a timelybasis and to do the follow-up quickly. The process does not stop just because a referral document has reached the hands of the Grand Knight, District Deputy and Financial Secretary. To be effective, all those involved in the recruitment process (the Chapter Membership Coordinator, Grand Knight, Financial Secretary, & District Deputy) should email their final results to the State Office.

I found out from experience that putting a monthly advertisement in your Church bulletin helps those interested Catholic gentlemen to join our Order. Just put an Ad like this one in your Church bulletin:

“If you are interested in serving our parish and our community, helping those in need, and growing in your faith, then the Knights of Columbus is the organization for you. You can get additional information and find out how to join the Knights in your local council by going to the Supreme Website

Financial Secretaries and Membership Directors, if a referral comes to you, please act on it right away and set the admission process in motion — then . . . FOLLOW-UP . . . FOLLOW-UP . . . FOLLOW-UP!


Gil Eliares
Supreme Web Site Referrals

PO Box 992

Brisbane, CA 94005?

Ph: 650.255.7750




College Councils

2014 – 2015      Casey Kamery

Is your Council located near any College or University?  If so, you have the opportunity to help guide young men in their faith and help to rejuvenate your own Council.  Find out if your local community colleges, colleges, or universities already have some form of Catholic campus ministry or Newman Club.  Start your efforts there and follow these steps:

  1. Contact the college or university to determine if they have a Catholic Campus Ministry, Newman Center, Newman Club, or other Catholic Club.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the leader or director of the Catholic group on campus.
  3. Find out what the size of the group and what is is already doing to foster the faith of the students.
  4. Discuss the kinds of activities and events that a Knights of Columbus Council can do for a parish (or in this case a campus) and go over the “Partial Menu of Services…” (See document below.)
  5. If the campus leader decides to ask for the help of the Knights of Columbus, determine if the campus will form a College Council or a Round Table.
  6. Go to the New Council Development section to help you to form a College Council or to the Round Tables section for a Round Table.

Keep in mind, that the men you are recruiting on a college campus will include both students and faculty. The majority will be students so these young men will help to rejuvenate your Council.  Knights recruited into a Round Table are placed into your Council.  Young men recruited into a College Council will be placed in the New Council; however, you could ask them to help you to recruit at your next Council Recruitment Drive.

Be sure to let me know the date and time of any meeting you have scheduled with a College of University leader or directors.  I will do my best to be there, have one of my Committeemen be there, or arrange for some State representative to attend.

Please feel free to contact me with any specific questions you may have regarding College Councils and College Round Tables.


Casey Kamery

College Councils Chairman

639 Woodward St., Apt. B

San Marcos, CA 92069- 1881

(760) 705-6329




2014 – 2015          Rudy Rios

The primary purpose of the Ethnic Membership Growth is to establish a Knights of Columbus presence in an ethnic parish community.  Many of these communities exist in parishes by themselves or along with English speaking communities that may or may not already have a Knights of Columbus council.  Thus, in a particular parish, it is possible to have an English speaking council along with an Ethnic round table.  Many of the members of these Ethnic communities either do not speak English or may feel more comfortable communicating in their native language, so this is the primary reason for establishing the ethnic round table.  For members that are fully bilingual and are comfortable with the English language, an ethnic council or round table is not necessary.

An ethnic council may be established with the pastor’s approval.  If there are multiple ethnic communities within the parish, a round table may be established for each ethnic community.  The appointed Round Table coordinator must be bilingual in English and the language of the Ethnic community.  He will serve as the liaison between the council, the pastor and the round table.


There is a Round Table kit available in Spanish that contains all the materials necessary to start the round table.   Please contact, the appropriate coordinator to order your kit or if have any questions on starting your ethnic round table.  You may click

to download the “Mesa Redonda Parroquial Guía.”  It is vital to work with your State Hispanic Coordinator and Supreme Hispanic Development Field Coordinator to plan and execute drives, information sessions and 1st degrees in Spanish or the particular language desired.  These same personnel will assist you and point you in the right direction if the community is not Spanish speaking.


When initiating membership drives and recruitment efforts, it is important to involve these State and Supreme representatives so that cultural differences are bridged and you can recruit new members into your ethnic round table effectively and successfully.  Traditional recruiting methods may not work in some cases, so this is the reason for involving these members to help you.  It is important to note that when holding open houses, informational sessions and 1st degrees, hold them on the parish grounds and not at a different site.



Rudy Rios

Ethnic Membership Development Chair

829 E Palm Ave

Monrovia, CA 91016-3020

(626) 301-0616






2014 – 2015      Ernesto Medel


The Shining Armor Award Program is a voluntary program for the brand new member of the local council designed to have that member become involved in the activities of the council including membership recruitment.


The District Deputy should present the Shining Armor Award tracking card to the new member at the conclusion of the First Degree. In absence of the District Deputy, the host Grand Knight or the Supreme Council Insurance Representative should insure that the new member receives this card.


For this Columbian Year, there are 2 types of Shining Amor that will be awarded:

  1. Shining Armor Member Award
  2. Shining Armorer Award


The following are the requirements for the Shining Armor Member Award:

  1. Recruit one member (1st year) or two members 2nd year and beyond
  2. Participate in three or more Council activities (Church, Community, Council, Family & Youth)
  3. Complete 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees
  4. Meet with Fraternal Benefits Coordinator (Field Agent)
  5. Attend three or more Council meetings   (For Supreme Shining Armor Award)


The following are the requirements for the Shining Armorer Award:

  • Awarded to District Deputies  (DD) who have submitted one or more Shining Armor Award, from each of his Councils, during the Columbian year
  • DD must track the recruiters within his District
  • DD encourages recruiters to bring in one more member


These awards will be presented at Chapter Meeting and/or Third Degree Exemplifications. Note the following goals related to the Shining Armor Award:

  1. “One Shining Armor Member Award, Per Council, Per Year”
  2. “One Shining Armorer Award**, Per Chapter, Per Year”


These activities need to be accomplished within one year from the date of the First Degree taken by the new member. A certificate, signed by the State Deputy and Membership Director, and a specially designed lapel pin will then be presented to the Shining Armor Award and Shining Armorer Award qualifiers, preferably at the conclusion of a First Degree in front of brand new members of our Order.


Looking over the required activities, you can see where the council benefits with an involved member.  Brothers are more likely to stay a member after completing the 3rd Degree. Families will benefit if a Knight becomes an insured member. Finally, our new Brothers have the opportunity to offer the gift of membership when they recruit another man into the Order.

Appropriate recognition will be made at the State Convention in May 2015 for the Council that has the most Shining Armor Award qualifiers in their Council between July 1, 2014 and April 30, 2015.


Completed Shining Armor Award tracking cards should be forwarded to your District Deputy who will forward the Shining Armor Award Program Qualification Submittal Form to the State Shining Armor Award Program Chairman for processing of the award.


For additional information about the Shining Armor Award Program, talk to your District Deputy.  Shining Armor Award tracking cards can be obtained by calling the State Office at (909) 434-0460, or via e-mail at


Ernesto J. Medel

Shining Armor Awards Program Chairman

4909 Corona Ct.,

Union City, CA  94587-5538


Phone: (510) 487-0511







Name: ________________________________________________


Membership Number: ______________________________


First Degree Date:  ________________________________


Third Degree Date:  _______________________________


New Member’s Name:                  ________________________________


Membership Number:  _________________________________


Date of First Degree:  _____________________________________


If the Shining Armor Award qualifier is qualifying under the Existing Member Program (sponsoring two new members), please provide the following information for the second new member sponsored:


New Member’s Name:                  ________________________________


Membership Number:


Date of First Degree:


The following information is required in order to be eligible for appropriate recognition:


Council Number:  __________________


District Number:  __________________


District Deputy: _____________________




Supreme Insurance Field Agent:  _______________________________________________


Supreme Insurance General Agent: _____________________________________________


Grand Knight’s Printed Name & Signature: __________________________________________


Date Submitted/Received/Presented:  _____________/____________/______________


Submit completed form to:

Ernesto J. Medel

Shining Armor Awards Program, Chairman

4909 Corona Ct., Union City, CA 94587-5538

Phone: (510) 487-0511


State Insurance Program




Abe Doliente

State Deputy


The Knights of Columbus


Knights providing Catholic families with security and protection, in faith,

through professionalism, in fulfillment of Fr. Michael J. McGivney’s legacy.


Keith Whiteaker, FICF

General Agent

State Insurance Director

As State Insurance Director and on behalf of all the General Agents in the State of California, I would like to thank our State Deputy, Abe Doliente, for his confidence in us — to lead our Field Agents in relaying the vision and legacy of our founder, Father Michael J. McGivney, by telling his story of why the Knights of Columbus was started; and about the numerous fraternal benefits that are provided to associate members, and the additional fraternal benefits that are entitled to only insured members and their families.


Our mission is to clearly convey that the Knights of Columbus stands strong, ready and able to provide, protect and give financial peace of mind to our Brother Knights and their families by means of our highly-rated, faith-based and secure financial products of Life Insurance, Annuities, IRAs, Disability Income Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance.

We take this responsibility seriously and will do our very best to provide all our Brother Knights and their families the most professional and ethical advice they deserve, while at the same time fulfilling Father McGivney’s vision that all our Brothers are protected in those times of unforeseen tragedies.


General agents, Ben Baca III, Todd Cabral, Steve Hudec, Steve Owens, Frank Maranzino, Earl Seitz and I, along with all the field agents consider it an honor to help Abe Doliente and pledge our support to him this year as State Deputy of California.  We will also support our Clergy, the State Team, District Deputies, Chapter Presidents, Council Officers and all our Brother Knights in the best ways possible individually and as a team.


Our primary financial benefit, and on which our order was founded, is our life insurance.  No other company is rated higher than the Knights of Columbus Insurance in North America.  By owning our Life Insurance, our members protect themselves and their families with a highly rated and secure product based on the first principal of our Order, Charity.  This also provides monetary means, from the funds they produce for our Order, to make the difference in expanding our faith through religious outreach programs.  We strengthen community through programs like Special Olympics and youth events, provide funds for those locally and around the world whom have been left in need due to disasters, and supply funds for scholarships and continued support for our churches.


I believe that as Brother Knights we should all promote the insurance products we have available to us and encourage our Members to participate in the opportunity to financially protect their families and in turn help provide our local and global communities the means to change lives for the better.




What Can Your Brother Knight and Field Agent

Do For You and The Order?


  • Meet with every assigned member and complete a Family Service Record
  • Provide insurance and financial planning for each assigned member and their families
  • Submit monthly articles for the Council Bulletins/Newsletters
  • Attend the District Deputy Workshops and strategize with assigned District Deputies
  • Participate in recruitment drives and recruitment of new members
  • Approach Parish Pastors to help form new Councils
  • Assist in implementing State and Supreme Membership Programs
  • Help with member retention
  • Work with Councils to attain the Shining Armor Award for members, Founders Award, Star Council Award and Star District Award



How Can You Help Your Field Agent?


  • Encourage members to meet with their Field Agent so he can allow those members, new or existing, access to the benefits of the Order
  • Invite Field Agents to every District Deputy Workshop, District Meeting, Exemplification, Degree Ceremony and Council Meeting
  • List the General Agent and Field Agents with the Council Officers and District Deputies in all Council Bulletins, providing quick contact information
  • Include the General Agent and Field Agent in all mailing lists and newsletters
  • Include your Field Agent’s business card in the Council Bulletin
  • Publish monthly articles provided by your Field Agent or General Agent in your Council Newsletters
  • Introduce your Field Agent at all Exemplifications, Degrees and Council functions
  • Encourage Councils to have a Fraternal Benefits Night
  • Work with Field Agents to identify possible new Council development opportunities in your assigned region
  • Offer recommendations for potential future Knights of Columbus Field Agents



The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization and sodality.  By that nature alone, we are described as an organized society of men associated together in an environment of companionship and brotherhood; dedicated to the intellectual, physical and social development of its members for religious and charitable purposes.  We should all be inspired to follow Father McGivney’s path, to unite ourselves as Catholics, invite others to join us, and to encourage each other to protect ourselves and our families from financial despair.  Let’s put an end to widows and children knocking on the rectory door looking for help.  Encourage your Brother Knights to talk with a Field Agent today.

From all your General Agents and Field Agents,

God bless,


SK Keith Whiteaker, FICF

General Agent

California Insurance Chairman

Knights of Columbus



Membership Retention

2014 – 2015      TW Starkweather


Worthy Shepherd:

Retention Chair of Brother Knights


We are Catholic Gentlemen whom have sworn Oaths to God, our Pope, Bishops, Priests and Religious to remain the Strong Right Arm of Holy Mother Church.  We acclaim our Fealty to Her, we seek though the Power of the Rosary and Prayer the strength to remain true and loyal Sons.  I have attached the outstanding four-page Retention Letter circulated by Bro. Joe Trechter, Former Chairman of Membership Retention.  I cannot improve on its clarity and steadfastly support each and every point.  I intend however to focus on the last point he made and will outline a step-by-step approach to make it work with outstanding results for the Glory of God, Holy Mother Church and each and every Council in our Beloved Order.

“Remember, personal contact is the key.  Every Knight, regardless of the circumstances, deserves the dignity and consideration afforded by our Order, faith, Christian Charity and belief in the Holy Catholic Church.  It is important that every member feel NEEDED, IMPORTANT, INVOLVED and a CONTRIBUITING MEMBER of our organization.  Through our united efforts to retain current members as well as recruiting new ones, we will keep our Order Strong and Growing.“

The Foundation of our Catholic Faith is rooted in the Holy Scriptures.  We seek its clarity when we are uncertain.  I draw your attention to Luke 15: 3 -7 (the parable of the lost sheep) and to John 10: 1-17, Mathew 9: 36, Mark 6: 34 in which Jesus explains His role as Shepherd.  In John 21: 15 – 17, Jesus transfers the care of his flock to Peter the Founder and Corner Stone of Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  So if we Brother Knights are to also be Apostles like Peter, we must be willing to be Worthy Shepherds who WORK to keep our Brother Knights in the Order.   In this way these Brothers can continue to truly be part of the right arm of Holy Mother Church, the Knights of Columbus.

We need Worthy Shepherds to preserve our Membership and seek our Brothers that have lost their way.  How many Past Grand Knights wonder, “What is my future in the Council?” They may say, ”I have held all the Officer Duties, I have made my contribution, I have a Legacy that I am proud of, and my work is done.”  I humbly suggest their work is not done and will never be done.  There is always more that can be done to assure the success of our Order.  Past leaders are more needed than ever before.  Perhaps they could be appointed Retention Chairman.  We need over 600 dedicated Worthy Shepherds (Retention Chairs) and we need them to begin working immediately.  Remember, as in the Gospels of old, when the Shepherd left the flock to seek the lost sheep, He left his Flock in the care of his trusted Apostles.  Let us ask our Past Grand Knights to continue their leadership by diligently fulfilling the role of Worthy Shepherd.

Use the Power of Ten:

  1. Appoint a Worthy Shepherd /“Retention Program Chairman” and treat him with the respect of any Officer of your Council.  This Worthy Shepherd should not be the Financial Secretary or the Membership Program Chairman.
  2. Have the newly appointed Worthy Shepherd form a Shepherd Committee with one committeeman(Apostle) for every ten members of the Council.  These can be Knights who hold other offices or duties but should not include the Financial Secretary or Membership Chairman who have their own important duties, which must be their primary focus.
  3. The Worthy Shepherd and his Apostles should meet with “ALL” of the Council Members with a focus on those members who have not attended at least one meeting in the prior three months.  They will call the member and make an appointment to stop by for coffee or a simple visit “in person”.  If they cannot be reached by phone to make the appointment, the committeeman will drive to the last known address.   Knock on the door and ask to be allowed in and pray the Rosary or have coffee and hear what is going on with the Brother.  (Emails and letters will follow later but this first meeting must be in person.)
  4. The Worthy Shepherd will prepare a simple report for the Council about each and every member. Our goal is to have a personal meeting with 100% of our members prior to the State Convention.  Yes Gentlemen, we should start immediately and meet with 100% of our members focusing on those that have not been at the past three meetings.  Once you know the status of the Brothers that have not been in attendance, an action plan can be worked out for each and every member. Ask your Pastor to help find them, or get the State Office and Field Agents to help find them.  Send your list of  “lost” Brothers’ names, last known address, last known phone numbers, membership numbers to both Malvin Giddings at and to me so we can help you find your “lost” Brothers.  We must work in Unity to not suspend them, but to find ways to help them.
  5. You could plan a special event (Pasta night at the Parish Hall or Pancake Breakfast to welcome our Brothers Back) and use the proceeds to help forgive past dues of those that truly are in financial need.  Find out ways to help them meet their Expectations as Brother Knights.  Celebrate their return, feast, praise God and allow them the precious benefits of being members of the Greatest Fraternity of the Most Blessed Church God has placed on this earth.

Weekly Conservation Report

This year my committeemen and I will monitor the Weekly Conservation Report that lists Brothers who are being dropped by their Councils.  A State Committeeman will contact the Chapter Presidents, District Deputies, and Grand Knights of the Councils that are processing the drops.  These leaders will be asked the following questions:

  1. Is there a Worthy Shepherd/Apostle Committee for the Council?
  2. Was every Brother to be dropped personally contacted by phone or in person?
  3. When was the call made?  By whom?
  4. Did the Worthy Shepherd or Apostle use the Shepherd’s Challenges and Solutions script when making the call? (You will find this script at the end of the Retention section below.)
  5. What was the reason that the Brother chose to be dropped?
  6. Was the DD or a State Committeeman asked to follow up on those Brothers who chose to be dropped BEFORE the form 1845 was filed?
  7. Was the Brother offered a chance to hand write a message of resignation so that he could retain his years of service when he files for readmission?


Brothers, if we follow Jesus’ example as the Good Shepherd, we must do all in our power to keep our “Lost Brothers” in our Order.



2014-15 Membership Retention Incentives

Worthy Shepherds Team Incentive $1,000

    • All Councils that earn the Worthy Shepherds Award divide prize money equally (minimum $50 per Council)
    • Awarded July, 2015


Worthy Shepherd Award

  1. Council makes personal contact with 100% of members during each Columbian Year
  2. Council has NO drops during the Columbian Year OR
  3. Council achieves its membership goal after drops


Try to attain at least… “One Worthy Shepherd Award*, Per Chapter, Per Year”


Bullet Point Summary of the Worthy Shepherd’s Program

  • Worthy Shepherd = Retention Chair

o   Shepherd’s Committee – one Brother (called an Apostle) for every ten Brothers in the Council

o   Each Apostle is assigned ten Brothers to contact

  • Contact each Brother in person (by phone, or home visit)
  • Goal = 100% of Members contacted each Columbian Year

o   Visit with him – Be A Brother

o   Pray with him

o   Invite him to volunteer


May God Bless you for meeting these Challenges and please share with me stories of your success and difficulties so we can elevate the Title of “Worthy Shepherd” to the Status that Jesus Intended and the Apostles have taught us.

Vivat Jesus, Fraternally,

Sir Knight, Dr. Timothy TW Starkweather,

Worthy Shepherd, State Retention Chairman

100 Circle E Ranch Drive, San Ramon, CA 94583



Retention Letter from Joe Trechter

Retention is every bit as important as recruitment, and warrants the same amount of attention and energy as identifying new members and inducting them into our Order. If our Order is to grow, not only must we recruit new members but also retain the ones we have. Once a member has joined, how do we engage him, retain him, and encourage him to grow in his involvement and leadership? Currently, for every two new members that join our Order, one existing member is suspended. Why then, once having joined, do members become inactive and leave? This trend must be reversed and we need to understand –

It Starts with the Admissions Committee

The retention effort begins when the Council Admission Committee interviews candidates and potential members. Remember a lesson from the Second Degree. Particular emphasis is placed not only on recruiting new members, but also in the quality of those recruited. Potential members should be active in their Parish, exhibit interest in the Knights of Columbus and a willingness to participate. In many cases, the Admission Committee interview is the first formal process that potential candidates are exposed to, and a place where lasting impressions are formed. This interview becomes the anchor point from which that candidate determines how accepted and comfortable he will feel upon becoming a Knight in your council. Make this moment about him and his family and becoming a part of the family of Knights. Find out his interests, and tell him about your council and how he might make it better. According to the Supreme Charter Constitution Laws, the Grand Knight of a council is to appoint an Admission Committee consisting of 7 members. Reports of the Admission Committee on candidates and potential members are tendered to the lower section of the new full-page Form 100 (Membership Document).

It Continues with The Role of the Sponsor

Every completed Form 100 must show the name and signature of a Brother Knightwho has accepted being the “Sponsor or Mentor” of the new prospective Knight.

Besides, the Admission Committee, this is the single most important person involved in the “Retention” of our new Knight.  The Supreme Council provides a free pamphlet #4636 copy of this pamphlet, “Duties of a Proposer.”  When a “Sponsor” signs the Form 100, he should be given a copy of this pamphlet so he will fully know his responsibilities. In summary here are a few of the “Sponsor’s” Duties:

  • Bring the Candidate to his 1st Degree Ceremony
  • Bring him to Council meetings – Introduce him to his Brother Knights make him feel comfortable and at home at a Council meeting – explain meeting procedures and protocols
  • Bring him to Council functions get him involved in Council activities this is Knight can be helpful does he like to make pancakes or BBQ etc? Giving a new Knight responsibility and immediately assigning him a particular job or task goes a long way in making him feel like an important part of the Council – an involved Brother is a Happy Brother!
  • Work with the Membership Director to bring the new Brother to his 2nd Degree and 3rd Degree Ceremonies statistics show that a 3rd Degree Knight is a Knight for life the Knights that we lose are those that have not made their 2nd nor 3rd  Degrees and have not been involved.
  • In many Councils, however, it is not uncommon to have two or three “Top Recruiters” sponsoring several candidates at a time. In this situation, the Grand Knight might consider appointing others in the council to mentor each new member in order to assure a one-on-one experience.

It continues with motivation – The Shining Armor Award

The Shining Armor Award is an invaluable tool in helping new members become active and engaged. Described elsewhere in this section, the Shining Armor Award program is administered, with minor variations, both through the California State Council and Supreme.

In addition to the programs described above, The Supreme Council publishes several documents and brochures outlining programs and steps helpful in the retention effort. Several include:

Once He’s Joined, Keep Him Involved

Keeping Members Interested

Every Council Active?

Fraternal First and Foremost

Shining Armor Award

Honor Those Members Who are Always There

Well-Run Meetings will Boost Attendance


The documents, along with a number of membership retention strategies, are outlined on the Supreme web site at:

No matter how hard we try, there will be those who don’t pay their bills, move away and leave no forwarding address or, for whatever reason, decide the Knights of Columbus is not for them. By far this makes up the largest group that is submitted for suspension. It is this group where we must focus our attention. How do we assure that members, both old and new, remain interested, active and engaged? The next step is the responsibility of the “Retention Committee.”

Retention Committee (Worthy Shepherds & Apostles)

The Council Financial Secretary should not be a retention committee of one. It is important that a senior member or officer of the council contact every member in arrears personally in order to investigate their situation. The Grand Knight should appoint four or more “distinguished” members of the Council to serve as a Retention or Conservation Committee, usually the Deputy Grand Knight and council trustees or other PGKs of the Council. The committee charge is two-fold:

1)     Contact members who are inactive or in arrears prior to suspending them.

2)     Having discovered reasons why members are becoming inactive or letting their membership lapse, devise and suggest new programs to remedy the situation.

There are several tools at a Council’s disposal that are helpful in easing the burden for those with extenuating circumstances, or who are having a hard time paying Council dues.

  • Knights with a medical disability may be eligible for a Disability Waiver from Supreme, suspending all State and Supreme per capita assessments. The council can apply for the waiver using Supreme Form #1831, available on the Supreme web site at t.pdf.?The form must be certified by both the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary and include a doctor’s note or some other proof of the medical disability.  The disability waiver must be renewed prior to December 31st each year thereafter, and can be kept in effect indefinitely for as long as the disability exists.
  • Elderly or senior members living on a fixed retirement income may be eligible for Honorary or Honorary Life Membership, depending upon their age and years of continuous service. Those 65 years or older with 25 or more consecutive years of service in the Knights of Columbus are eligible for Honorary Membership, relieving State and Supreme assessments and reducing their council dues to a minimal rate (usually $10.00 per year). Those 70 years or older with 25 years of consecutive service are relieved of all state and supreme assessments and exempt from payment of all council dues. Please note that effective last Columbian year, Supreme will now automatically issue Honorary and Honorary Life card. But it is important that the FS review the entire roster to assure that eligible recipients of these honors have received them!
  • In matters of extreme financial hardship and/or extraordinary circumstances, the council, at its discretion, may make an accommodation for a particular member found to be in distress or difficulty.

Regardless of the method or situation, it is important the Retention Committee investigate and report the circumstances of every member in arrears, and recommend a suitable course of action or solution for each one.

Due Process

The procedures for collecting member dues and the conditions for suspension are clearly set forth in both the newly revised Financial Secretary Handbook (Publication #1410) and the Charter Constitution Laws of our Order. It is vital that these procedures be followed to assure that every member is treated equally. It is not our intent to repeat these procedures here.

Obviously, this is a long and rigorous process, allowing many opportunities for personal contact, accommodation and problem resolution. As a church, family and fraternal organization, we owe it to our members to exert every effort in the retention process, especially during times of hardship or financial difficulty.

There are a few programs that have been successful in other Councils that should be considered:

  • Assign a one on one Brother to invite and take the delinquent Knight to a Council meeting or event.
  • Set up a Council dinner, inviting all delinquent Knights to attend with their spouse as Guests.
  • There is a pamphlet application to specific situations.
  • Begin the process before the financial secretary sends out the first dues notice. He can make a list of knights consistently late paying dues. Assign responsibility to contact these knights to your retention committee. They should call or visit these knights to see how they are doing and that billing notices will be sent soon. Tell them it is important to send their dues on time. If there is a financial problem they can take care of it early and avoid the embarrassment of letters of intent to drop.

Remember, personal contact is key. Every Knight, regardless of the circumstance, deserves the dignity and consideration afforded by our Order, faith, Christian charity and belief in the Holy Catholic Church. It is important that every member feel needed, important, involved and a contributing member of our organization. Through our united efforts to retain current members as well as recruiting new ones, we will keep our Order strong and growing.


Joe Trechter?

Former State Membership Retention Chairman



Worthy Shepherds & Apostles

Challenges / Solutions

Caller Script

Contact the Brother in person or by phone. Use this list as a script for calls and contacts.

  1. Get to know him.  Find out what is happening in his life.  Be a friend.
  2. Thank him for being a Brother Knight.  Remind him that Knights help their Brothers.
  3. Remind him of some of the activities and services that your Council has provided recently.
  4. Ask why he became a Knight.
  5. Ask him if the activities and services provided by the Knights are valuable.  Say, “Don’t you want to continue to be part of those good works?”

As you get into the Challenges, listen to what your Brother has to say.  Try to offer a positive solution and then ask, “Doesn’t that sound OK?” Or, “Isn’t that right?” Or, “Don’t you agree?”

Challenge – I lost my job.  I can’t afford the dues.


  • We are an Order that was founded on the principle of Charity.  Ask the Council for dues forgiveness for anyone who has financial hardships.
  • Apply to Columbian Charities (365 Club) for those with major financial problems.
  • Ask the Brother to volunteer time and service in place of dues.

Challenge – I can’t come to the meetings.


  • That’s OK, you can still help by volunteering for some of our projects or even just by attending some of our activities.
  • Pick the activities and service projects that meet needs and interests of you and your family.  By participating you and your family will feel the strength of the Brotherhood.
  • Give me your best phone # and email so we can let you know what our Council is doing.

Challenge – I don’ have time to be in the Knights.


  • Just by attending a few of our activities, you are supporting the Knights of Columbus.
  • Did you know that our Council has done ——— for the church and ——- for the community?  By continuing on as a Knight, you are supporting the work of those who have the time to serve.
  • Your dues helps the Council to continue to provide service and make charitable donations especially when we don’t have to pay the Per Capita for Knights who are not paying dues.


Challenge – I’m angry at what the Council (or one of the Knights) has done.


  • What was the Challenge?
  • Please remember that we are only human and will make mistakes.  Can’t you follow Christ by offering forgiveness?
  • Let’s talk this out, face-to-face, so this Challenge won’t affect other Brothers and so that you can come to a resolution.


Challenge – I’ve moved out of the area.


  • Would you like some help to find the Council closest to you so you can join them in their efforts?
  • Would you like to keep paying your dues to maintain your membership in our Council?
  • We can put you on a list to receive annual updates regarding the activities, services, and accomplishments of our Council.


Other arguments to stay in the Knights:

  1. All Knights in good standing have an automatic accidental death benefit.
  2. When there is a death in the family, a Brother Knight who is a Field Agent will assist your family with the funeral arrangements whether you are insured or not.  You can’t get that free help any other way.


For those in the Military, Police, Fire Fighters, or other peacekeepers:

  1. The Matthew / Swift Scholarship program will provide funds to send your kids to four years at any Catholic University if you are killed or permanently disabled while serving in harm’s way.
  2. This is offered to those who have ANY insurance with the Knights, even just a small annuity.


For those who are Insured Members:

  1. Your insurance dividends will be reduced to pay the Supreme Per Capita if you leave.
  2. You will lose the automatic accidental death benefit if you leave or are dropped.


For those who you just cannot convince:

  1. Ask if it would be OK if a Chapter Officer or a State Committeeman can call to follow up this conversation.
  2. Let the Brother know that if he would hand write and sign a brief note of resignation from the Order, his years or service in the Knights would be maintained when he chooses to reapply for membership.


Be sure to keep notes regarding the call.

  1. Date.
  2. Name of caller.
  3. Details regarding the Brother’s situation.
  4. The Brother’s main reason for not paying dues or participating with the Council.
  5. If the challenge was not solved, was this contact referred to a Chapter Officer or State Retention Committeeman for follow up?






2014 – 2015       Jim McGhee



Retaining a council starts at its inception. A well-formed council, with guidance from the State Council and the District Deputy, goes a long way to keeping a council active and vibrant. When a council lacks guidance, it will most likely encounter problems. There are multiple aspects of maintaining an active council:

1)     Conduct an orientation of the Officers’ Duties (Use the video, “Those Who Serve.”)

a)     Find this video at under the tab “Instructional” then scroll to the last video.

2)     Train key officers on how to conduct their job. These officers are:

a)    Grand Knight (Grand Knight training video available using the same link and instructions above.)

i)       How to run an effective meeting.

b)     Financial Secretary (Financial Secretary training video available using the same link and instructions above.)

i)   The duties and responsibilities of the Financial Secretary, including and not limited to the use of the FSPC.

ii)The correct 1845 procedures.

iii)   All the forms that are the responsibility of the Financial Secretary.

c)     Treasurer

i)       How to open and maintain an account.

ii)     How to keep accurate records.

d)    Recorder

i)       How to take notes during the meeting.

ii)     How to use the Recorder Minute Book.

e)    Trustees

i)       Teach them to help oversee the well-being of the council and how to conduct an audit.

ii)     Duties of a Trustee as noted in the REFERENCE Section of the Grand Knights Handbook (Form 915).

f)      Membership Director

i)   How to work closely with the Financial Secretary on membership issues.

ii)How to Schedule First Degrees for new members.

iii)   How to appoint, with the help of the Grand Knight, the following:

(1)  Admission Committee

(2)  Retention Committee

(3)  Recruiting Committee

g)     Program Director   (“Surge…With Service” training video available using the same link and instructions above.)

i)   How to identify members that will conduct council programs.

ii)How to help the Grand Knight prepare a planning meeting for the fraternal year.

iii)   How to make sure that there are enough programs to attract potential new members to join the council.

iv)   Teach him to work closely with the Membership Director and admission committee to identify the programming interest of new members.


3)     Admission Committee

a)     Use some of the five Membership videos at under the tab “Membership.”

b)     How to effectively screen potential members, include Parish Pastor or Council Chaplain.

c)      How to make sure that a member interest survey or anything similar is filled out and signed by the member as a commitment to his participation.

d)     How to carefully match the potential member with an officer, a director, or the proposer to help him continue along the way to his full knighthood.


When a council begins showing signs of trouble, the District Deputy is the first line of defense to keep the council from becoming suspended.

1)     The District Deputy needs to make sure that he is in constant communication with the Grand Knight.

2)     During each quarter he must attend at least one council meeting or more.

3)     Observe the behavior and demeanor of the officers.

4)     Must attend the state organizational and state mid-year meeting to keep abreast of all the new programs that the state council and supreme are promoting.

5)     Should conduct at least two district meetings a year.  In addition, he should not be afraid to solicit help from the state council.


Signs of Trouble

The following is a partial list of the signs that a council is experiencing difficulty:

1)     No one is willing to take office.

2)     They are getting behind on paying their per capita for state and supreme.

3)     No quorum for their meeting.

4)     Few programs are being conducted.

5)     No new members.

6)     Indifference amongst members.

7)     Not supporting the parish or the Pastor.

8)     Not completing some or all of these required forms #185, #365, #1295, & #1728.


When one or more of these signs appear, the District Deputy and the State Council need to start taking measures to help the council. Always, try to involve the Pastor in resolving issues in the council.


Remember, by recognizing the warning signs of a council in trouble and acting upon them, the efforts to retain a council will keep our Order strong and growing into the future.

Jim McGhee                                                                                                            Council Retention / Reactivation Chairman

9411 New Colt Court

El Cajon, CA  92021-2323

Phone: 619-733-4946



2014 – 2015      Jim McGhee

When a council has become inactive there are many reasons this has happened. We cannot always understand the reasons why, but we can restart and reactivate with the proper positive attitude and the willingness of members and former members to participate.

Most important is a meeting with the Pastor.  Explain to him what the Council can do for him and his Parish and listen to his concerns. Do not attempt to answer a question of which you are not 100% sure of the answer. Share with him some of the positive aspects

  1. Knights of Columbus Council will help enrich the men of the Parish Spiritually.
  2. Gives the families the opportunity to be protected (via our Outstanding Insurance Program).
  3. A Council will allow the men to be active in their community, families and parish.
  4. Being part of a council could help men be better fathers, husbands through various programs that they will participate in.

So how do we reactivate a Council?

1)     Notify the State Deputy of your intent to reactivate the council.

a)     Use this link and you will find  “Reactivation Guidelines” and the “Notice of Intent to Reactivate a Council.”  The links to both of these documents will be at the bottom of the webpage.

2)     Meet with the current District Deputy to determine the plan of action and what he would recommend to get started.

3)     Notify the Supreme Insurance General Agent or Field Agent responsible for the suspended council.

4)     Meet with former Grand Knights and members to determine the reasons why the council was suspended. What were the prevailing reasons? Not enough Activities? No recruitment? Lack of participation?  Cooperation at the Parish level?  Input from members at meetings?

5)     Determine how many members are still listed on the former roster and how many would like to see the council reactivated and their willingness to help with this activity.

a)     Ask the State Membership Director for a copy of any Brothers still on the Council roster.

b)     Send a request to find any “Lost Brothers” (those with an star next to their names) to Malvin Giddings at

6)     Develop an action plan using Supreme, “Guidelines to Reactivation”. (See link above)

a)     At the meeting with the Pastor ask for his help and set dates to plan for drives.

b)     Set up a date and time to have a recruiting drive with the Field Agent and members.

c)      Plan to use experienced Brother Knights from other Councils to help and be available to “Kick Start “the Council.

d)     Use the Chapter or District Recruitment Team in your efforts.

e)     Consider inviting wives and remaining members to a special meeting to discuss more information about the Knights of Columbus.

f)       At this meeting have some entertainment and light refreshments available as well as having the Fraternal Benefits representative present to show more information about the Knights of Columbus.

Remember the Knights of Columbus is a volunteer organization and not everyone is at the same level of participation. Some members will immerse themselves completely in the organization while others will stand around and observe what the organization can do for them. That’s alright, but if you have a do-nothing Council you will be developing a do-nothing Council membership with the Council doomed to failure.

Council reactivation is as important as new Council development, and for it to succeed, it takes work, patience and perseverance. Please contact me if you need assistance.

Jim McGhee                                                                                                            Council Retention / Reactivation Chairman

9411 New Colt Court

El Cajon, CA  92021-2323

Phone: 619-733-4946






Membership Retention Strategy for Worthy Shepherds

Find “Lost Brothers”

  • Send Council list of “Lost Brothers” to Malvin Giddings, Data Analyst

  • Send your list as a Microsoft Word file with:

o   Full Name of Brother

o   Last Known Address

o   Last Known Phone Number

o   Please No PDF FILES

o   Your Council Number

  • Be proactive:  request help finding your Lost Brothers in time to allow your Worthy Shepherds and Apostles to make personal contacts.

Try to attain this Power of One:  “One Worthy Shepherd Award*, Per Chapter, Per Year”

Malvin Giddings

Data Analyst

2436 Teelyn Ave.

Santa Maria, CA  93458