How to Handle A Conservation Report

Brothers who are on the Conservation Report are being suspended and will be automatically dropped 60 days after the date on the Conservation Report.  If we contact the Brother and “Save” him as a member, the FS must contact Supreme to rescind the suspension.  That is our goal!

Membership Director Will:

  • Create a Conservation Report for each week using a Google Sheet (spreadsheet)
  • Send that Google Sheet link to the CPs, DDs, GKs affected by that Conservation Report
  • Assign a Membership Team Member for each Chapter on that Conservation Report and send him the Google Sheet link

The Assigned Membership Team Members Will:

  • Contact the CP, DDs, & GKs for the Councils to for the Chapter to which he is assigned
  • Ask that EVERY Brother on the Conservation Report (CR) be personally called or visited
  • Ask the CP to be the liaison between the Chapter and the Membership Team
    • The CP and the assigned Membership Team member will communicate weekly until ALL Brothers on the CR have been personally contacted, or until all contact attempt methods have been exhausted, or until the 60 days is over
    • Set a day and time for this weekly call

The CP will oversee and follow up on the following:

  • Find out if the Council will grant “Dues Amnesty” and accept the current year’s dues as payment in full on a one-time basis only.  Remind Councils that past years’ Per Capita has already paid: forgive it.  Collecting one years worth of dues will “Save” more Brothers.
  • Find out the $ amount that the Council will collect to bring their Brothers up-to-date
  • Ensure that a motivated Contact Team is formed
  • Contact Team may be Council members, DDs, or Chapter leaders (officers & chairs)
  • FAs & GA should help to contact Insured members
  • Designate one or more Chapter members as “editors” for the Google Sheet.  Request that the Membership Director give “editing” privilege to them.  (Editors must have a Google account and be computer savvy.)
  • Share (forward) the Google Sheet only to responsible Knights in the Chapter who will help to “Save” the Brothers on the CR and use the information for this purpose only

ContactTeam members will:

  • Be asked to personally call or visit five Brothers from the CR
    • Contact Team members should report their weekly progress to the CP
      • Set a day and time for this weekly report (prior to the weekly call of the CP to the Membership Team liaison)
    • Use the Worthy Shepherd’s and Apostles Conservation Report Caller Script when contacting Brothers from the CR
    • Let the Brother provigil online us know that his Council is processing him to be suspended from the Order
    • Ask if he wants to continue to be a part of the good works of the Council
    • Use the Challenges and Solutions from the “Caller Script” to convince the Brother to stay in the Order
  • Take notes regarding the call:
    • Dates of attempted contact
    • Date of personal contact
    • Notes regarding the Brother’s situation
    • Was the Brother “Saved” or “Lost”
    • If “Lost,” note a detailed reason why


When Personal Contact is not made (no phone # and home visit shows that address is incorrect):

  • Send a Word Document request for information to Malvin Giddings
  • Word file should include:
    • Full name of Lost Brother
    • Last known address
    • Last known phone #
    • Birth date or age
    • Council #
    • Name of person requesting the information

When a Brother is out of the area with no phone number:

  • Send a “We Miss You Brother” postcard
  • Follow up on any response to the postcard


When an insured Brother is out of the area:

  • Use Supreme Website to “Find An Agent” (under the Insurance header) and send the Brother’s information to an Agent in his area so they can ask that he send in his dues and or transfer to a local Council

Following the instructions above should reduce the number of Brothers who are actually dropped by about one half.   This will drastically improve the membership net for the Council, the District, the Chapter, and the State.  It is in your interest to do your best to make these contacts.

Please note that these Conservation Reports will be sent to all members of the Membership Team and to all State Officers.

Google Sheets are web-based and interactive.  That is, the moment an “editor” enters information it is viewable to everyone who has the link to view the Google Sheet.  Chapter Presidents will be held accountable to make every effort to save these Brothers.  They, in turn should hold the DDs and the GKs responsible to show progress.  State Officers, especially the State Deputy, may question if there are no weekly entries showing progress toward contacting these ALL of these Brothers.  The “editor” should enter progress every week until the job is done.

NOTE:  The State Deputy, the Membership Director, and or the Membership Retention Director will call Chapter Presidents if little or no progress toward contacting Brothers is entered onto the Google Sheet every two to three weeks after the CR issue date.

Follow Through for the Good of your Chapter and for the Good of the Order.