Soccer Challenge 2020

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Date(s) - 10/17/2020
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

St. Michaels School



Soccer Challenge

The Soccer Challenge is a fun way for Knights of Columbus councils to engage youth in their communities with an athletic event that encourages the values of sportsmanship and healthy competition. Children demonstrate the most important skill in soccer – shooting accuracy on the penalty kick – and compete to reach the international level of competition. The program also offers an opportunity to introduce the Knights of Columbus to the community and recruit faithful family men of service.

We will be there rain or shine, hot or cold.
This is a “no-contact sport” and will be following COVID safety protocols.

Date & Location
Saturday, October 17, 2020
St. Michael’s School
15542 Pomerado Rd, Poway, CA 92064

Soccer Challenge Chairperson
Luigi Zoni, 619-980-3313

San Diego Chapter Finals “What My Council Needs to Do”
     Set up and run a Soccer Challenge for your council.

Send winning Soccer Challenge Score Sheets (#4578)
to Luigi Zoni:  mobile phone 619-980-3313

Information for Councils to participate

The Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge is a competition designed for players aged 9 through 14, boys and girls to demonstrate the most basic of soccer skills — the penalty kick. Each player will be allowed 3 practice kicks and 15 or 25 shots at the goal from the penalty line (12 yards from the goal) depending on their competition level at the time.

soccer_goalSoccer Challenge Goal Dimensions 

The goal will be divided into a series of five scoring zones. The upper corners of the goal will be designated as 20 point zones. The lower corners will be designated as 10 point zones and the central region is a five point zone. To construct the five scoring zones attach a piece of rope approximately six and a half to seven feet in length diagonally across the four corners of the goal as shown in the diagram below. Use tent stakes to secure the bottom ropes to the ground.

Soccer Field Diagram


To score this competition each participant will be given 3 practice and 15 or 25 penalty kicks, depending on their competition level at the time. Points will be awarded depending upon the area of the scoring zones through which the ball passes. For example, after the player’s 15 or 25 penalty kicks, his/her scores are 5/10/20/5/5/5/5/10/10/5/20/5/10/5/5, his/her total score would be 125. A score of 125 would be marked on the entry form/score sheet. Normal rules of soccer regarding penalty kicks apply for all levels of competition. Penalty kick violations include stepping on or over the line prior to the kick, and any contact made with the ball counts as a kick. Scorers should record shots made and missed according to the instructions on the entry form/score sheet. It is also recommended that multiple scorers be assigned to each goal for scoring accuracy and comparison. All scores should be verified before the next contestant is allowed to shoot. The use of video tape recording is not recommended to resolve questions on scoring totals. Judges and scorers are given final authority in verifying all scores and violations.

Judges/Scorers/Ball Catchers

Judges, scorers, and ball catchers will be selected by the Soccer Challenge Chairman at the council level, by the district deputy at the district level, and by the state deputy at the regional and state levels. The recommended minimum is one judge, two scorers, and a ball catcher at each goal. It is recommended that volunteer parents be utilized in age groups other than the group(s) in which their child (children) competes. The judge will ensure that each participant receives the proper number of shots on goal and will point out any kicking violations (see scoring section). All questions will be resolved by the judges and Soccer Challenge chairman. Scorers should refer to the scoring instructions included on the entry form/score sheet.