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Service Program Awards

Council Service Program Awards

Remember, these awards are based upon one project or activity conducted by the council and not upon a series or accumulation of activities in a particular section of the Service Program. Consider the following areas when preparing an entry for a project or activity:

  • Nature of the activity. Who was benefited by the program? How did it meet a need in the community, parish or council?
  • Participation of membership. How many members participated? What percentage of the entire membership participated? All other things being equal, a program that had a participation of the majority of the council will be judged more favorably than one in which only a handful of members participated.
  • Program originality. Was the program new?
  • Committee planning. How effectively was the program organized? How much detail was involved in staging the event?
  • Delegation of responsibility. How many members served as volunteers? Planners? How was the implementation of the project organized?
  • How was the program publicized? Did council members effectively utilize radio and television, local and diocesan newspapers, and council newsletters?